Transpersonal Performance Coaching

Transpersonal Performance Coaching

Transpersonal Performance Coaching

What can I expect?

Transpersonal Performance Psychology (TPP) focuses on the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and people's subjective experiences. Our clinicians have a special interest in transcending experiences that are associated with spirituality, altered states of consciousness, and extrasensory awareness, such as intuition. It also includes extraordinary human experiences, such as peak performance, peak experience and flow. These altered states of consciousness are strongly associated with optimal performance in art, sport, business, education and life. Practitioners of TPP teach people to regulate positive emotions and experience peak states. They build people's strengths as a buffer against weakness, limiting beliefs and negative emotions. They also build emotional intelligence, positive emotions, optimism, hope, gratitude and well-being.

How long will my appointment be?

60 minutes of 'you' time

Who will my practitioner be?

Melissa Dhillion


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